Qoob: Tiny 3d modeller and Library
I created a lite version of qoob with only essential commands for creating abstract objects as a first experiment. An example of the objects can be seen at the end of this article.

Above is a snapshot of a crinkler compression report. Using crinkler to examine abstract qoob objects reveals two things.
1. Objects are typically between 20 and 30 bytes after compression.
2. Suprisingly there are no really small objects (10 bytes or less), even though one of these objects is a simple chamfered cube.

Its safe to assume an average of 22 bytes for abstract objects - it may be possible to hit 20 on average. That would mean at 4k it would be possible to have 10-20 objects. Not bad, but it will be necessary to do better...

Qoob lite is also too large but this is OpenGL and does not use D3DX functions yet.
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