Qoob: Tiny 3d modeller and Library


  • Highly compressed model format
  • Catmull clark subdivision and smoothing
  • Load and Save of objects in qob format
  • Export of objects to C code for use in intros
  • Procedural picking
  • Ambient Occlusion preview
  • Quad based meshes for more natural modelling
  • Vertex and face normal support

Upcoming changes

Some cool people have given me feedback on the tool::

Several people have requested that the model can be moved using the mouse.
Several people have noticed that undo and restart are buggy so I'll fix this.
  • NOTE: undo undoes one step in modelling. Some commands (eg cage, extrude, taper, holes) have multiple steps. This is very confusing but saves some bytes. The solution is to undo again and again until you see what you want. I'll look into this to see if it can be changed inside the modeller instead of the library. BUt beside that there seem to be bugs :-)